+ this crystal chose you. place your intention into it.  quartz is programable.  the crystals will reflect and amplify the intentions that you program into your crystal.  speak, visualize or send your intention into the crystal to increase the potential for your intentions to take form.

+ at any time you can cleanse, charge and program a new intention into your crystal

+ wear or touch it to feel grounded, radiant, positive, balanced, connected, strong, energized, confident, focused, centred, or any other feeling that you desire to manifest

+ meditate – hold the crystal to calm the mind and thoughts.  various crystals activate the third eye and crown chakra hence raising vibration of those areas ones consciousness

+ sleep – sleep wearing your crystal, with it under your pillow or on your bedside table. one can place smokey quartz crystal at the foot of the bed to initiate grounding.

+ use as a pendulum to guide choices in your life.  the crystal will tap into your higher consciousness and relate ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers to questions pertaining to you.