Moving into our new home was an emotional experience, especially since we were moving into a new community. My husband and I wanted this space to feel like ours, not like the previous owners. Robin helped us create an intention for how we wanted to feel in our home, and it made us look at each room differently. I imagined conversation in the dining room, abundance in the office, creativity in the kitchen – and suddenly the house started to feel like a home. She helped us bring our energy into each nook and cranny, our love into the whole space. She helped us become fully present and aware of our surroundings through ritual and ceremony – the salt, the sage, the singing bowl – all of these were powerful tools that she used to weave our stories into the story of this house.
– Megan Sheldon, Narrative Communications



We recently moved into a new space for our cafe and production. The previous tenant had been there for almost 40 years and with 40 years from anyone the space held an energy that was not ours. Prior to launching Robin from AATMA Crystals came and offered a cleanse for our soon to be open space. We really wanted to our new space to have a clean energy filled with positive intention and to cleanse while honouring the past tenants. Myself and my business partner joined in the process. We first discussed the purpose and intention of the space and what our goal was. Robin explained the purpose behind each crystal and step used in the ceremony. She expertly directed us through crystals, mantras, and many ways that we could keep our space clear with positively charged energy. Joining her in the experience was so much fun and we felt our energy lift and clear both individually and within the space. The experience was awesome… the perfect way to enter something new. We regularly see Robin and she carries a beautiful energy of lightness, clarity and purpose. Since, Robin has hosted numerous Crystal Energy workshops in our community space and it’s definitely one of our most popular workshops that we’ve hosted! Aatma is awesome.. Robin makes the spiritual approachable, understandable, purposeful and above all she makes it fun!
– Zach Berman. The Juice Truck Co-Owner